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                        Water and Agriculture in Israel

                        Professional tours and continuing education courses

                        The State of Israel is a world leader in the fields of water management and agriculture. Israel's water and agriculture industries have made remarkable achievements by virtue of their advanced technologies and applied R&D.

                        RTS Water Ways Ltd provides comprehensive professional training and sightseeing services on water and agriculture. These services are intended for professionals, organizations, institutions individuals, groups and companies in Israel and abroad.

                        Our services include the coordinating of guided field trips and a professional continuing education course on topics of water and agriculture in varies languages.

                        The RTS Water Ways Ltd team is comprised of experts, former senior officeholders, and high-caliber professionals encompassing a wide range of topics in the fields of water and agriculture. Our staff members are knowledgeable about Israel's water resources and have direct access to politicians and officials of the water and agriculture establishment and maintain ongoing working relations with the institutions, organizations and companies in these fields.

                        Our tours and training are tailored to meet the customer's needs and itinerary. The services include the coordination of tours and training, professional escort, preparation of professional material and placing of the best lecturers in the field. RTS is also pleased to provide administrative services.

                        Israel's Water Sector:
                          Sustainability in the water sector Management - The Israeli Model - Establishment, Laws, Planning& Regulation
                         Natural Water Resources - renewable resources and fossil resources
                         Manufactured Water Resources – Desalination, Reuse of Sewage effluents
                         Water consumption – Efficient use, Demand Management, National Interests
                         Water In the Middle East – Shared water, Agreements, Conflicts & Cooperation
                         National Water Carrier, the National Water Company – Mekorot,
                         R&D and Technologies in the Water Sector
                         Water tariffs and Water Economy
                         The Dead Sea , Sea of Galilee - Watershed and Christianity

                        Agriculturein Israel :
                         The Rural Sector in Israel
                         Agricultural Establishments
                         Advanced Agriculture – R&D, Intensive Agriculture
                         Agricultural Education – SINADCO, the Agricultural Extension Services
                         The Rural Space and Agriculture as a National Assignment
                         Agriculture & Tourism

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