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                        Our Track Record

                        Our water experts are leaders in their field and have led significant projects, most notably:
                         Overseeing the establishment of the Israeli Water Authority
                         Overseeing construction of the Israeli sea water desalination plant
                         Establishing an agriculture farm With a variety of crops in all areas of agriculture .
                         Creating a master plan for the Israeli Water Sector
                        Rehabilitating the pumping stations of the National Water

                        Recent projects

                         Leading the establishment of a regional cooperation of farmers “Maim Bagalil” which regulates and
                           manage water resources and supply for 52 communities in northern Israel.
                           This allows for economies of scale and therefore efficient water management in the 
                           region. Today Shimon Tal serves as the CEO of the cooperation.

                        Three deep wells that produce up to 25 million cubic  reservoirs - 10-40,000 m3 each). Total project cost:
                           90 million NIS. Years: 2008 - 2012.

                         The establishment and management of a cooperative of 10 Druze communities and the Druze Water
                           Association – North Golan Heights – 2010 – 2012 .

                         Consulting 3 Druze communities on water and sewage issues 2011 – 2012 .

                         Establishment an agriculture farm in Sri Lanka as a knowledge and coordinators partners. The farm
                           includes vegetables sector, fruits sector, and forestry, and aims to upgrade the local farmers and bring
                           prosperity using high technology 2011 – 2012  

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